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    Jul 1
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    Milo Ventimiglia Isn’t So Sure About That ‘Heroes’ Reboot

    May 29
    posted by summer

    NBC’s plan to relaunch “Heroes” as “Heroes Reborn” came as a welcome surprise for many fans of the superhero franchise — but those same fans shouldn’t expect to see too many familiar faces when the show returns.

    At the very least, there’s one prominent “Heroes” star who doesn’t sound likely for a “Reborn” reprisal: Milo Ventimiglia. The actor, who played super-empathetic Peter Petrelli throughout the show’s four-season run, spoke with MTV at the ABC Upfronts in New York this week, representing his new show, “The Whispers.” During the conversation, Ventimiglia revealed his take on the “Heroes” reboot, making it clear that he’s not exactly ecstatic about the idea.

    “I think it’s going to be hard to recapture what we had when the show was out, to be very honest,” he said. “I’ve had a lot of fans running up to me, very excited. And I think the expectation is high — meaning people want, and are expecting, that the show is going to pick up right where it left off.”

    But it doesn’t sound like that’s the direction “Heroes” is moving in, according to Ventimiglia.

    “They’re expecting to get back to where the show was,” he said, “and I think those high expectations have potential for other things.”

    With all that said, Ventimiglia doesn’t expect to return as Peter, despite his fondness for the character.

    “That one kind of went away a long time ago,” he said, adding, “I wish them all the best.”


    Milo Attends the 25th Annual Motor City Comic Con – Day 1

    May 17
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    Milo attends the Entertainment Weekly And ABC Celebrate The New York Upfronts

    May 14
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    ‘New York Moves’ Additional outtakes

    May 13
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    ‘the Whispers’ First Promo

    May 13
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    ‘New York Moves’ Magazine Scans added

    May 12
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    ‘The Whispers’ Firs Cast Promotional Photo *HQ*

    May 11
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    New photoshoot for ‘New York Moves’

    May 10
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    ‘The Whispers’ (The Visitors) Ordered to series

    May 9
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    Parents have a soft spot for their children. In THE WHISPERS, an unseen alien force has figured this human weakness out. They have invaded earth and are using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination – our children.

    In the country’s center of political power, Washington DC, several kids have been talking about their imaginary friend, Drill. What the parents don’t know is this friend is not as imaginary as they assume. Drill is able to entice the kids to play very dangerous games with very real consequences.

    FBI agent Claire Bennigan has been called in to investigate the case of a 6-year-old girl who almost killed her mother playing a game with her imaginary friend. She wonders if this girl is disturbed or is there something bigger at play.

    Meanwhile, halfway across the world, the defense department just sent Wes Lawrence to the Sahara Desert, where he witnesses what looks like an alien spaceship and something else even more inexplicable. Someone needs to start putting the pieces together to save humanity. As the game clock counts down, and the children unwittingly help the aliens, it’s a suspenseful race against an unseen enemy. Amblin TV is co-producing with Dawn Olmstead’s Grady Girl.

    Cast Listing -
    Lily Rabe
    Barry Sloane
    Derek Webster
    Milo Ventimiglia
    Brianna Brown
    Kylie Rogers
    Kyle Harrison Breitkopf
    Catalina Denis